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Sightseeing highlights in Dresden

Cultural travellers will be happy in Dresden with its various cultural sights, opera shows and other highlights. Discover the impressive Frauenkirche in Dresden's city centre and the famous Semperoper opera house. The Zwinger, a Baroque palace and home to a museum, provides the perfect backdrop for your photos. Hop on board of one of the boats on Elbe river for a relaxed tour through Dresden. Short and long boat trips are available.

Pure nature - recommended excursions for your short trip to Dresden

Hiking, golfing, biking or climbing the Elbe Sandstone Mountains – Saxon Switzerland is a paradise for nature lovers. The choices of hiking trails are impressive: simple forest paths, easy uphill trails and more challenging climbing trails. It takes only 1 to 2 hours to hike up the mountains to get a breathtaking view across Saxon Switzerland. Find peace and seclusion in an unforgettable natural scenery at the national park.

Bicycle excursions or motorbike tours from the hotel in Dresden

Especially bicycle tourists and motorbike groups value our Hotel Villa Weltemühle Dresden. The location is excellent! The river Elbe is within a few minutes' reach. Enjoy the vast nature alongside the Elberadweg cycle tracks or cycle towards Dresden's city centre. Motorcyclists get the chance to explore various amazing trails in the Ore Mountains and Saxon Switzerland. After an exhausting bike ride, relax at the hotel while your two-wheeler is parked safely and free of charge in the underground garage.

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Semperoper Dresden | © Semperoper Dresden

Semperoper Dresden

The Semperoper was built between 1838 and 1841 by Gottfried Semper. In 1869, it was destroyed by a fire. Semper's son Manfred rebuilt the opera house High-Renaissance style between 1871 and 1878. After being destroyed during WW II, the building was reconstructed to its original form. 40 years later, the reopening was celebrated on February 13, 1985.

Urlaub Dresden | © Urlaub Dresden

Frauenkirche Dresden

Dresdens most beautiful church, the Frauenkirche, is located at the "Neumarkt", a historic quarter of Dresden. It is  the world's biggest Protestant church. From 1726 to 1743, the "Neue Frauenkirche" was built by George Bähr. Its dome was destroyed by bombs on February 13 and 14, 1945. It took 11 years to reconstruct the bulding, which today is one of Dresden's most popular sights.

Zwinger Dresden | © Zwinger Dresden Sachsen

Dresdner Zwinger

The Zwinger in Dresden is one of the most important late Baroque buildings in Germany. The Zwinger is home to the gallery "Alte Meister" (Old Maestros),  the Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon (Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments), a porcelain collection and the armoury "Rüstkammer".

Burg Dresden | © Burg Dresden

Castle Albrechtsberg

The late-classical castle Albrechtsberg was built by Adolf Lohse between 1851 and 1854 under the authority of Pince Albert von Preußen. Today the building is home to a youth art school. The ball room and salon serve as conference rooms for congresses and cultural events.

Elbufer Dresden | © Elbufer Dresden bei Nacht

Blaues Wunder (Blue Miracle)

The "Blaue Wunder" was built at the turn of the century. Back in the days, it was a technical masterpiece. Today it is one of Dresden's landmarks. The bridge got its name when it was built: It was painted green, but over night the colour oxidised. As a consequence, the bidge was not green anymore, but blue. At the time, this was considered a miracle.

Dresden Frauenkirche | © Dresden Frauenkirche

Pillnitz Castle

Pillnitz Castle was built between 1720 and 1725 on behalf of August the Strong. In 1723, the castle's gardens were completed. The popular camellia flower has been growing there since 1770. Until 1918, Castle Pillnitz served as asummer residence to Saxony's kings.

Hiking in Saxon Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland is one of the most interesting hiking areas in Germany: Bizarrely shaped mountains, the Elbe river valleys and the numerous castles and palaces are real highlights in this region.


Zschoner Mühle

The Zschoner Mühle (Zschoner Mill) is a  popular restaurant among day tourists at the Zschonergrund nature reserve. On its grounds you can explore the watermill, the mill museum and the Kulturhof, a courtyard with a puppet stage and an open-air cinema.


There are various golf courts close to the Hotel Villa Weltemühle - for beginners and professionals.


Elbufer Dresden | © Elbufer Dresden bei Nacht

Windberg train

Take the tram no. 3 or the bus no. 72 until Coschütz and change onto line 71 towards Kleinnaundorf (get off at "Hopfenblüte" stop). Take off at the railway embankment and cycle to Bannewitz or Possendorf and back. Take a break at one of the many mining memorials alongside the way, or just relax on a bench and enjoy the view across Dresden.

Cycling along the Elbe cycling track

The Elbe cycling track leads through Dresden to the left of the river until it crosses the bridge "Niederwarthaer Elbbrücke". All important sights are only a few metres off the cycling track.


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